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The social side of #loadshedding

With all eyes on the #loadshedding issue we figured we would share how the social community is responding to this current event within South Africa. While we prefer to plead the fifth we are fairly certain that the majority of the sentiment surrounding #loadshedding is negative with a side of super negative. Facebook and Twitter streams have been overflowing with conversations taking a dig at the current deficit we are faced with. Powered by the tracx tool we are able to bring you all of this information and show you how significant a single event with a hashtag (or even with a single phrase) applied to it can be.

Where are these conversations taking place online?
Twitter (75%) is dominating the #loadshedding conversation followed by Facebook.

Conversations share of the voice Pie chart conversation share of the voice

Where are the conversations taking place in South Africa?
From a high level view we can see that the majority of conversations are taking place in JHB and CPT. We could show you a street level view, but we’ll save that for a rainy day 🙂

High level heat map jhb heat map western cape heat map

Who are the biggest influencers surrounding the #loadshedding conversations?
From the image below we can see that Helen Zille is the top influencer with regards to online conversations surrounding #loadshedding.

Top Influencers

When we take a closer look at her posts for today, of which there were just 4 relating to #loadshedding, we are able to see that she reached 434 people with those posts with the potential top reach 387 449.

Helen Zille - stats

Everyone who has engaged with our top influencers posts:
hellen zille socila sphere

What’s the online sentiment?
Like we said earlier; mostly negative (39.2%). The neutral content is comprised of people asking for the #loadshedding schedules and news sites sharing the news (as they do).

The key demographics participating in these conversations?
It seems to be a fairly even split so it is safe to say that males are as outraged as females and vice versa.

We threw this together QUICKLY for fear of being cut off #loadshedding


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