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Peddling social #ArgusCycleTour


Some people were cycling it for the first time while others were cycling it for the umpteenth time. No matter how many Cape Argus Cycle Tour’s you’ve supported or cycled in we know it is an event enjoyed by many near and far! The #CycleTourSelfie hashtag was a great addition to the Cape Argus Cycle Tour and just goes to show how social is being incorporated into events more and more. Come wind (and there was wind) rain or sunshine people were supporting this event from the sidelines and from social.

With cyclists from all over the world participating in the Cape Argus Cycle Tour we would like to congratulate everyone who participated and supported the event… for those of you who took to social to share your views thank you for letting those of us not in the area share the day with you in social spirit 🙂

We are looking at information surrounding the #ArgusCycleTour over the past 7 days. Proudly brought to you by Digital Republic powered by Tracx

The overview shows us a breakdown of conversations (any post with a like, RT, comment, share, favourite, etc. is considered a conversation).


Twitter (71%) was the dominant social platform where activity surrounding the Argus Cycle Tour was being shared in the public space followed by the Cape Argus Cycle Tour Facebook page (20%).

percentage os share of the voice Share of the voice 7 days

The main conversation drivers for the event were (the bolder and darker the word the more prominent it was). Please click on the image to view a larger version of it.

Conversation drivers

The demographic of those who participated in the conversations online are always interesting to see. In this case there were slightly more men who participated in the conversations and the main age group was 35 to 44 years of age.

Audience Demographic

While the majority of conversations took place where the event was held (in Cape Town) there are still people tweeting about their achievements when they arrived home after the event.
heat map

The top conversation demonstrates the power of social and how quickly negative news can travel on social and how this single event has become more prominent than the Argus itself.

top conversation

Our key takeaways:
1. With some 35,000 people entering the Argus Cycle Tour there is opportunity to drive more conversations relating to the event and the build up to the event
2. Finding out who your key online demographics are is important as it helps brands to target content that is relevant to those market segments
3. Being able to identify where the majority of conversations relating to your topics are taking place allows you to get involved in the conversations with people who are interested in your brand and event
4. Integrated marketing: if you’re going to use multiple channels to market your event make sure you monitor the effect on all the platforms you have the ability to do so on. There is nothing like comparing the stats year on year and monitoring the progress


The Digital Republic Team

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