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Does digital affect your vote? SA Elections follow up

Disclaimer: We are using this opportunity to showcase the capabilities of the Tracx social intelligence tool. The information we will be sharing is based on what is being pulled into the tool from any and all activity online relating to the political parties who are running in the SA elections. We are in no way affiliated with any of the political parties and we are not endorsing any campaigns on behalf of any of the South African political parties. The information we are sharing is public information.

Let’s have a look at an SA Elections Update for Online shall we? Many things have happened since our last post and we want to know how you and the online community feel about this. Luckily we have our amazing Online Intelligence Tool Tracx to pull in all the data for us 🙂

Here is a basic run down  of all the activity that occurred over the last 30 days:

There were 42 458 conversations that took place, and 70.7% of them were in some way related to the ANC. 16.2% of conversations were in relation to the DA, with 13.3% of the conversations relating to the EFF. This hasn’t changed much from our last blog post on the SA Elections. From this graph we are also able to see that most of the activity is taking place on Twitter, which is indicated in light blue.

share of voice allOne of the major events that occurred in the last month with regards to the SA Elections and digital is that on 18th March 2014 Julius Malema overtook Helen Zille in Twitter Followers.  With the looming elections we had to quell our curiosity and see if this was true. We checked all of the parties social media followers and each of the political leaders parties, what we found was rather interesting if we do say so ourselves.

We found out that that specific news was in fact TRUE! As it stands Julius Malema has 438 000 followers on Twitter (this is quite close to half a million!!!), Helen Zille has 402 000 and Jacob Zuma has 317 000 followers.

What we thought was curious was that both Malema and Zille have more people following them on Twitter (and in Zille’s case, Facebook) than actually following the political parties. This got us thinking. . . Would people prefer to hear from the presidents of the political parties rather than from the political parties themselves? Do people think the political leaders will be more truthful, or perhaps it shows a human side to the party?

Digital Audit

After this we had to have a look at how fast the political parties were growing online! So we decided to make a neat little graph to show the growth of the political parties Facebook and Twitter accounts over the last 30 days. We can see that the ANC’s Facebook page likes have skyrocketed by 61 048 new likes! The EFF Twitter page has remained stagnant with 40 803 followers. Growth Audi

Digital Republic

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