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Just how important is your online reputation…

Even though the conversations that were generated regarding this online faux pas seem minuscule, I can assure you that people are talking about it and using it as an example of “what not to do” in the real world. We are not here to discuss the offending tweet and the ramifications thereafter, but rather to share with you our solution that would prevent such an event from ever happening again.

Not only is it important to track your online reputation, but it is also important to acknowledge that those who are running your social media presence also need to be monitored closely. They’re dealing with your customers and they represent your brand values; at least they are supposed to. When something of this nature crops up what you need is a well-oiled process to ensure that you clean up the mess properly and the best approach is transparency.

One day someone at FNB decided they would tweet something a little controversial. We know you’ve seen it a few times,but here it is again:

fnb offending tweet


What we can report is that online activity surrounding the tweet has dwindled since the initial tweet. Sure, in the digital space the conversations regarding certain topics will diminish over time as it is a fast paced environment, but then again the incident will remain as part of the brand and that may take a bit more time to repair. It is the association of that tweet to the brand, which can be problematic.

activity volume

Workflow management and monitoring of the content being published by your social media teams is without a doubt a priority. We often hear people telling us that their employees are comfortable working on the platforms themselves and while that is great for them, what about the vulnerability aspect of it all? People are unpredictable and without the necessary means of monitoring what they are saying and when they are sharing it online how are you supposed to keep track of it all?

Through the application of the Tracx social intelligence tool you are able to set up team workflows that force content to be submitted for approval before it is shared online. That way when content is published it has been passed through a chain of approval – to as many people are you would like – before being posted online. Once the contet has been submitted for approval an email is sent to the necessary parties to notify those who are responsible for approving content

publish as approval

Tracx also offers the ability to monitor when people are posting, what platforms they are posting to and most importantly who is posting. By simply downloading a report (which is at no additional cost to you) you will then have a breakdown of all the content that has been published, the date, time, platform, person responsible and the account it was published to.

engagement report


Key Takeaways:

#1: Social is increasingly important to the brand of a company and too often it isn’t given the level of importance that it should be until something like this happens

#2: Companies need tools that are designed for corporate’s e.g. Tracx with its mandates / workflow / approvals could prevent something like that from happening

Have a happy Friday and a wonderful long weekend.


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