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Voting Wednesday – What’s happening online?

Disclaimer: We are using this opportunity to showcase the capabilities of the Tracx social intelligence tool. The information we will be sharing is based on what is being pulled into the tool from any and all activity online relating to the political parties who are running in the SA elections. We are in no way affiliated with any of the political parties and we are not endorsing any campaigns on behalf of any of the South African political parties. The information we are sharing is public information.

Wednesday 7th May 2014 is just 2 days away! The final election rallies have taken place and now eager voters are getting ready to cast their ballots to have their say in the future running of South Africa. Over the weekend there were definite spikes in activity online on  political party rally days, which would indicate that either the rallies get people talking about the parties more or that people at the rallies felt inclined to share their experiences of the rally online.

share of voice past week

Due to the fact that there was so much activity online during this past week, one naturally wonders if people are talking about who they will be voting for. Now, according to voting etiquette, your vote is supposed to remain a secret (unless of course, you don’t mind people knowing who you are voting for). Without looking very hard, we were able to find quite a few people who were not worried about sharing with the world who they were going to vote for. Here are just a few:voting da voting anc anc vote

As a round up before the election date,  we wanted to give you a full breakdown of 4 parties’ demographics. We used the AMAZING Tracx Custom Dashboard maker to do this. By doing this we were able to choose which information we wanted to see and where we wanted the graphs to appear on the dashboard. This was the final product:

elections breakdown dashboard

We can see the highest platform activity for each party, the audience and age demographics for each party and the number of conversations for each party (all over the past 7days).


On a side note and just FYI:
– You are not allowed to take selfies while in the voting booth or of the ballot papers. For more information on this subject please see here:  No voting selfies: IEC , No Selfies while you vote, says IEC , IEC: No selfies please
– Take your own black pen with to the voting station, and make sure that your ballot paper has been stamped on both sides (otherwise your vote will not count) Make Sure Your Vote Is Legit!

We cant wait to see what happens online after voting day! Happy Voting everyone! 🙂

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