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ABSA Internet banking down… again!

On the 30th of June 2014 Absa’s internet banking services were down and apparently this isn’t the first time. It seems that the financial provider has had this problem before. Now considering  that this outage occurred on the last day of the month, on some peoples pay day , it is no surprise that the Absa customers took to social media to air their grievances with Absa’s technical difficulties.

This is the second time that Absa’s web-based internet banking platform, mobile apps and Virgin Money were down, with this being the second outage via Social Media in as many months. Absa stated that there were different reasons for the outages.
@Absa online banking being unavailable so often is getting beyond ridiculous. Constant tech issues!!” said Twitter user Johan Kruger.

Users trying to access their internet banking service were directed to a webpage saying: “The Absa Internet Banking website is currently unavailable. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.” They have again had apologise to customers over social media, saying: “Our technicians are currently trying to find out what caused this.” Absa customers have once again expressed frustration at the recurrent technical problems.

Absa advised customers to use their ATM facilities where pre-loaded beneficiaries could be paid which is ironic as customers tend to use internet banking for the convenience of not having to stand in queues at ATMs and banks.



 Using Tracx to measure online activity relating to Absa

We used Tracx to track the online activity regarding Absa’s internet banking going down. The tool tracks the progress of activity surrounding the brands in the online space and pulls in data from social platforms as well as any public, online platforms such as news sites, forums, blogs, etc.

We made use of keywords to aggregate the data:

Absa Internet Banking: [ABSA down]~7 OR [Absa down] OR [Absa internet banking down] OR [#absadown] OR [Absa online banking down] OR [Absa inconvenience]~6 OR (([Absa] OR [#Absa]) AND ([internet banking down] OR [#down] OR [down]))

Absa brand: [ABSA] OR [Absa] OR [Absa bank] OR [ABSABank] OR [ABSA Barclays]~4 OR [Barclays in Africa] OR “ABSA Bank ltd” OR [avios]

The sentiment around the failing of ABSA internet banking on 30th June 2014 was more negative (18%) than positive (1.6%)
The majority of the interactions were assigned a neutral sentiment because they were retweets, shares, likes of posts or posts by Absa.
Drawing a comparison between the overall sentiment of Absa’s entire brand and Absa’s Internet Banking, the negative sentiment for the Absa brand was 8.7% opposed to Absa’s Internet Banking which had a negative sentiment of 18%.

Absa Brand vs Absa Internet Banking Sentiment



 Share of Voice: Interactions

There were 176 interactions related to Absa internet banking and 805 related to Absa, that means  21% of interactions related to Absa were about the internet banking on this day.
Of the 35 interactions on forums that were related to Absa, 12 were related to Absa internet banking.


 Share of Voice: Posts

There were 52 related to Absa internet banking and 261 related to Absa, that means  19.92% of posts related to Absa were about the internet banking on this day.
Of the 14 posts on news sites that were related to Absa, 8 were related to Absa internet banking.


Top Sites

The site that had the highest engagement rate was the Broadband ADSL forum (100% engagement rate).
This means that the one post on this site was converted into a conversation.
The Absa Bank Facebook page had a 93% engagement rate, that means of the 14 posts on this page 93% were converted into conversations.


Although Absa Bank has a 93% engagement rate, it is not in any way positive. Engaging with their customers in this  highly strung situation with rehearsed PR replies vague and abrupt sentences, gives the appearance that they don’t care.  With two technical difficulties occurring in consecutive months and their seeming lack of empathy toward their loyal customers, it wouldn’t surprise us if a few of their customers switch banks. Technical difficulties do happen, but it’s almost as though Absa is just standing  frozen in awe as they let customers slip through their fingertips,with no Bob the Builder vehemence to fix it. We hope this is the last time they get caught with their pants down.

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