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FNB- double debits

On the 5th of July 2014, it seemed liked FNB experienced some technical difficulty. Many FNB customers complained that there were double transactions made to their account. Numerous FNB customers took to social media to complain about the double transactions which included debit orders being deducted twice.

“It appears that a system error at FNB caused debit orders to go off twice this morning,” said one MyBroadband member. “Those who paid accounts paid twice. Those who got money, as example from SARS, were paid twice,” he said.

“Dear #FNB customers you might want to check your bank accounts for duplicated transactions as from 1 July,” said one FNB customer.

FNB confirmed the problem through its official Twitter and Facebook accounts.

“We are aware of the duplicate transactions that have been processed. A task team is hard at work investigating,” FNB said.

fnb  duplicate transactions



FNB replied to the post 16 hours later to inform the customers that all the duplicate transactions have been reversed. This is the second bank within a week to have experienced technical difficulties, with ABSA experiencing difficulties last week. One can only assume that customers are losing trust in the technical capabilities of the banks in South Africa with technical difficulties being occurring way too often.


fnb duplicate transactions reply
fnb overview

We looked at the data for FNB’s technical difficulties  via our social media intelligence tool Tracx, The time period used was the 5th of July 2014 to the 7th of July 2014. There were 952 posts related to the FNB double debits with  6 621 interactions, the 952 posts generated 791 resulting in 83% engagement rate. 4611  people were reached having a density of 7 people per conversation.  In the activity volume we can see that there is a massive spike in social media activity on the 5th of July with Facebook had the highest amount of activity receiving 3 978 posts and interactions, followed by Twitter with 1 674 posts and interactions.

audience two

The audience demographic was fairly even as 52% (1 953) of the audience were female and 48% (1 801)of the audience were male. The age groups engaging in the posts were generally between 25-34.


fnb engagement

Looking at the two most engaged posts:The top post received 2 450 interactions by 2 020 people, the post reassuring the  customers that FNB was aware of the double transactions and would reverse all the duplicate transactions as soon as possible. The second most engaged post asked customers who have had a double transaction to email the details to care@fnb.co.za. FNB really handled the blunder very well, informing customers what is happening and keeping them up to date and for that we commend you.

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