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FIFA World Cup Final Germany VS Argentina

The FIFA world cup was hosted by Brazil, with there being a lot of controversy surrounding the host nation and their policies, the World Cup went off without a hitch.

On the 13th of July, the world came together to watch semi finalists Germany and Argentina battle it out to be crowned the world’s best.

The best thing about the world cup is knowing that there is this global excitement around the event with people constantly talking about it on social media. Facebook previously announced that the World Cup as a whole is its most-talked about event ever: the social network reached over a billion interactions just two weeks into the tournament.

People began  naming the match: “The World’s Best TEAM vs the World’s Best PLAYER” . In all honesty, Germany did look like they were deserving of the title especially after Germany annihilated the hosts Brazil, scored 17 goals in 6 matches and they scored on average once every 34 minutes.

Tied after 105 minutes, Germany got a late, late goal from substitute Mario Götze in the second half of extra time to secure its fourth World Cup title in a most dramatic fashion.

We used the social media intelligence tool Tracx to see what people were saying about the World Cup via social media and online in general. The following keywords were used in the query:
[#TeamGermany] OR [#WorldCup] OR [#WorldCup2014] OR [#NeymarWhileYouWereAway] OR [#VivaBrazil] OR [#BrazilvsGermany] OR [#NEDvsARG] OR [#Argentina] OR [#ARGvsNED] OR [Messi] OR [#TeamArgentina] OR [#worldcupfinal] OR [#gotze] OR [GERvsARG]OR [ARGvsGER] OR [golden ball] OR [messi]

These keywords include hashtag trends from the semi final up until the finals on Sunday 13th July.

Tracx overview of World Cup activity

Tracx overview of World Cup activity in South Africa

During the period 12th June 2014 – 13th  July 2014, there have been 204 487 posts about the World Cup with the posts generating 42 787 conversations and 584 292 interactions. The World Cup was mentioned a total of 222 853 times during this period.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 3.33.49 PM

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 3.34.45 PM

Twitter had the  highest share of voice during the World Cup with thousands using the social media platform to get real time news and updates. According to The Verge: “Twitter also broke a tweets-per-minute record set just a few days earlier, with a peak of 618,725 sent in a single minute as Germany won the game. In total, 32.1 million World Cup tweets were sent during the match, down significantly from Germany’s shocking 7-1 victory against Brazil, which with 35.6 million tweets remains Twitter’s most popular single sporting event ever.”

Have a look at the heat map Twitter created showing when and where people tweeted about the World Cup.

Congratulations Germany, you deserve to be the World champions.


Written by: #DRTracy

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