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BMW: The Epic #Driftmob


Check out the amazing video from BMW:

The Epic Driftmob feat. BMW M235i


On the 29th of July 2014, the amazing people that work at BMW decided to pull off a flashmob inspired stunt to launch the new BMW 2 series, more specifically the M235i. The flashmob was rather different and something true to the nature of BMW.  The automotive producer decided to take the concept of flashmob and turn it on its head, or wheel so to speak. To pull off this activation, 4 incredibly talented precision drivers, 1 Hollywood stunt driver, the Director of Fast and the Furious plus many producers all worked closely together to pull off one of the greatest automotive activations that we’ve ever seen. Have we mentioned that this was done in Cape Town CBD?!?!?! How awesome is that?!

The stunts took place on the streets of the CBD in 5 identical M235i coupés. This driftmob was more like an exquisitely choreographed dance ensemble that left millions of YouTube viewers wide eyed and slack jawed as gasps and faint comments of “YOOOHHHH” “filled the room. Amazing talent, amazingly pulled off: some of those scenes left less than an inch between those M235i coupes and whatever obstacle was in their vacinity, either the curb, a robot or even another BMW. The 5 cars dashed in and out of each other with such precision.

The commercial went viral, with over 12.3 million YouTube views already. To see what kind of data a viral campaign pulled, we used the Tracx Social Media Intelligence Tool to track the data related to this amazing stunt. Certain keywords were put into the query: [The Epic Driftmob] OR [BMW M235i] OR [#m251i] OR [BMWM235i] OR [#BMWdriftmob] OR [driftmob] OR [BMWstory] OR [235i] OR [m235is]. Data reflected is from 29th July 2014 – 13th August 2014 .

bmw overviewThere were over 400 posts made about the #driftmob on which there were a massive 9 338 interactions. The posts generated almost 150 conversations and reached a total of 9 174 people. It is important to note that even though the YouTube page had millions of views, the posts on various social media platforms directed traffic to the YouTube page.


This is a breakdown of the audience that engaged in this campaign, males dominated the demographic, with almost all posts and interactions related to the #driftmob being made by males. Majority of the activity happened in the USA, followed by South Africa, where the stunt was shot.  Conversations related to #driftmob peaked on the 30th of July 2014 as the YouTube commercial was aired with it gradually decreasing as we get further into August. bmw5 When we use our amazing Tracx tool to pull in data for the Share of Voice, we can see that Twitter was the platform that had the largest share of voice overall out of all the platforms (YouTube, Blogs, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter). There were over 8 400 interactions solely on the 140 character social media platform, followed by interactions on Facebook and Instagram.

The conversations around the world that related to #driftmob were, as stated before, mainly in the USA and South Africa, Tracx has this amazing feature where we can track the posts and interactions being made about the keywords we put in the query and takes this mountain of data, uses some algorithm that we can’t even begin to understand and visually displays in on a map of the world. THE WORLD people! Geo-Heat maps is one of our favourite features on Tracx as you can see where the most posts and interactions come from, which city is generating the most activity and also you can pin point where the activity hotspots are. First we look at the most activity, which is in the USA: we can see where the most posts/interactions occurred over various states in America.


bmw9 The second geo- heat map is one of South Africa, surprisingly, although the #driftmob stunt took place in Cape Town, Johannesburg had the most amount of activity related to #driftmob with almost 700 posts and interactions followed by the host city of this commercial with over 400 posts and interactions.

This was by far one of the coolest stunts we have seen a brand pull off in 2014, welcome BMW 2 series, you really entered with a bang.


If you liked the video, check out the making of The Epic Driftmob here for some cool behind the scenes shots:


Written BY: #DRTracy

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