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Digital Republic goes to Missing Link

The ladies at Digital Republic had a meeting with the guys at Missing Link to discuss some business. When setting up the meeting and choosing the venue, we had eager requests by the Missing Link guys to come to their offices and experience their office culture.
What’s so different about their offices? Why can’t they come here?! We have Nespresso over here! But we caved and decided to go meet with the Missing Linkers at their offices, it’s good to see the environment of your potential suppliers.

Looking at their website, we got a feel of what the company stands for, with witty retorts and a laid back appeal we had a feeling that this meeting might be very interesting, but nothing could prepare us for what we saw when we walked in through the door.
Missing Link is a presentation company, they have been around for many years and are pretty damn good at what they do, and by pretty damn good we mean incredibly, mind-blowingly amazing! As we set foot into the Missing Link Offices we didn’t even have time to look around properly when Kyle, the concierge, vehemently proclaimed that Nicol and Tracy had arrived.

Werner was our tour guide: we meandered through the desks and greeted some pretty interesting tatted up people with massive headphones on their heads, prodding away at their Macs. Pretty laid back yet hard-core. Past Donovan’s man cave and over to the shooting range. Yes! Shooting range! We went upstairs where we saw the presentation area. Now these people are in the business of making kick ass presentations, so it would be expected for them to have a lovely presentation room right? Lovely? How quaint… Missing Link has, what can only be described as the holy grail of presentation rooms; a salutation to the gods of presentations where upon a jet black leather throne would the presenter sit in all his/her glory whilst blowing us away with a kick ass presentation. Cue pyro technics and confetti. Rise sir, for ye is truly a presentation god. Or at least that’s how we’d envision a presentation at Missing Link might go.

We climbed up to the tree house; up a really steep wooden ladder (great day to wear heels…) And we sat down with Donovan and Werner to discuss business.
Meeting adjourned.

With a firm grip on the handles, our shoes tucked in under our arms we descended the wooden ladder and were invited to shoot some pellet guns. With a goodie bag full of candy and rowdy cheers we said goodbye to the employees of Missing Link. In awe and surprise, we have never come across a brand who marries such professionalism and work quality of the highest kind with such a unique corporate culture. It was an incedible experience!

Who needs to be everyone’s cup of tea when you can be someone’s shot of whiskey right?

IMG_5138 candy IMG_5139 IMG_5146 preso wall of shame IMG_5153 photo 2


Written By: #DRTracy

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