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Suzelle – SA’s Afrikaaner Skoonheid

SuzelleSuzelle has taken the South African social media space by storm over the last two months or so. Her videos are part of “A Bitesize DIY Webseries” that she has created in order to help us (people like you and us) to use creativity in doing ordinary tasks as well as creating amazing and beautiful objects, such as terrariums (Aqua is water, terra is earth. Like ‘n aquarium filled with water, ‘n terrarium is filled with earth and plant). With her South Afrikaaner flair and fantastic outfits, she has managed to capture attention not only from the Social Media world, but from radio and T.V. stations. Suzelle is able to make these amazing videos with the help of her best friend, Marianne, (who works at a salon for cats and dogs). While we love Marianne and think it is great that she helps her best friend out by filming the videos (and even appearing as a special guest in one of them), we find that she is a bit over bearing and it seems like she just chats and chats and chats. .  .Sometimes, it’s just a lot to take in you know?
Suzelle makes bitesized videos, but we think that her social presence may be a a whole lot bigger than she realises! Naturally, we loaded some keywords relating to Suzelle and her videos into the amazing social intelligence tool that is Tracx. These were the keywords: [Suzelle DIY] OR [SuzelleDIY] OR [#Suzelfie] OR [#SuzelleDIY] OR [BraaiPie] OR (([Suzelle]) AND ([DIY] OR [Marianne] OR [O Fok!]))
We also tracked her YouTube channel, Twitter handle, Facebook Page and Instagram account.

These were our findings:
Since 21 April 2014 (the day that Suzelle joined Facebook), there have been a total of 331 conversations generated from the 691 posts related to Suzelle. There have been a total of 13 360 interactions (likes, comments, favourites etc.) – shoo, groot nommers

Suzelle stats

We checked out the actual reach of all this activity and came to the number of:
suzelle reachDis quite a few mense to reach in such a short space of time (5 or so months).

Suzelle’s latest video (which was promoted on Facebook), in which she shares an ingenious tip on how to peel a lot of potatoes all at one time (more or less) has had the largest online response from her fans.
highest engagement
The post reached a total of 1 186 unique people and was shared 1 142 times on Facebook!
However, we are South Africans and that means ons smaak ons Braais, so naturally Suzelle’s #BraaiPie video has had the highest amount of views out of all of her videos, 185 996 to be exact! We were so baie impressed with this concept of a BraaiPie, that we at Digital Republic have decided that next Friday, we will make our own BraaiPie at the office. Hopefully it will be just as tasty as Suzelle’s looks and we might even share it around the office (as Suzelle has said, it is a real crowd pleaser). Keep a look out for pics from that event! 🙂

 Digital Republic

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