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Pick you up, put you down. . .

Soooo . . . . yesterday we heard on the radio (Highveld and 5fm) about this company called Pick Up Artist SA – apparently they are a company that help men gain the confidence and skills to talk to and “pick up” women. We were like: “For real???”. So we naturally Googled them and hey! it’s true!


On their website, they say that they are “the central hub for pick up in South Africa. With our extensive experience and training with some of the best pick up artists in the world, our Boot Camps are constructed with flawless, tried and tested material and tips that are designed to enable you to get any girl you want.” We never knew that being a pick up artist was a profession?!? Also, any girl you want? ANY? Will these pick ups work on the likes of Britney or Madonna? Are all women the same? Hmmm. . .
Ok, enough of the seriousness. . . Are girls allowed to come to these seminars? Or are they only for men? What if a girl wants to pick up another girl?

In all honesty, we think this is quite a funny and a rather inventive way to make money. There must be tons and tons of men out there that are petrified of talking to women! So if this company is able to help them chat up a lady that they fancy (and maybe they eventually fall in love and spend the rest of their lives together), then hey, we are all for it 🙂

We see that there is a FREE Become a MASTER with WOMEN Seminar tomorrow evening – so for all you shy guys out there, check it out!

We had a look at PUA SA’s Social Media accounts – Their Twitter account has been dormant for just a little less than a year, Facebook looks to be used quite often though. YouTube hasn’t been used that much. Any how – we put them into TRACX with the following keywords: [Pick Up Artist South Africa] OR [Pick Up Artist SA] OR [PUA SA] OR [PUASA] OR [PickUpArtistAfrica] OR [FREE Become A Master with Women Seminar] OR [PickUpArtistSA]


As we can see, activity has only really picked up (haha, get it? – too corny??) on the 10th October, it takes a little dip after then and then peaks on the 20th October – this is the day that they were on the radio.
It would seem that these boys are learning the awesome power that is social media!! Keep it up boys!

(We gave Josh a call earlier and he was nice enough to allow us to join the seminar – Thanks Josh! So we will be doing a follow up blog post about our experience there 🙂 )

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