Digital Republic learns how to pick up girls from @PickupartistSA

Alrighty then. Josh (from Pick Up Artist SA) was nice enough to invite us to the seminar last night. . . So naturally, we went!
We were a tad bit late to arrive, by luckily they hadn’t started yet. As we looked into the room packed tight with hundreds of men, we noticed two chairs at the back that were not taken. We thus, took our seats and awaited the commencement of what we were sure would be an entertaining evening.
IMG_20141022_190939The first person to come on stage was Darren, who mentioned that after high school he started to notice that he was no longer attracting the same quality of women. ARE YOU FOR REAL? WHAT does this mean?? This is quite a hysterical comment to make. He then explained that in high school he didn’t have to try so hard (perhaps due to a captive audience and thus, not having to try so hard). But still, not attracting the same quality of women?? Please. . .

Anyhoo, he then introduced Ryan who came on stage and threw a ball out into the crowd (twice). The people that caught the ball once some music stopped playing had to go up on stage. The first man was told to write down on a piece of paper (in very big writing) who the first girl he kissed was and the second man was asked to write down the age (again in very big writing) that he lost his virginity. They then had to put the pieces of paper in their pockets and not let anyone know or see what they had written.

At the end the PUA SA guys correctly guessed what was written on those pieces of paper – how this was done, we do not know. . . perhaps a sneaky camera on stage? Who knows?

Josh (who was wearing a very nicely tailored suit jacket) was then introduced.
kmlnjmlknjlknjlkHe said that “Picking up is my drug of choice. Nothing gets my adrenaline running like picking up girls” – so then Josh, is this like a sport for you? What are you in it for? Just the thrill of picking up a girl or to actually trying to build a meaningful relationship with someone? #JustAsking

Many statements were made during the seminar, things like: “What you say is the least important part of your entire interaction” and “All women are programmed the exact same way” – ummm. . .  thanks guys, we are now robots that are programmed? Interesting. . .

We asked all the girls in the Digital Republic office and the girls in our sister company’s office (IRam) some questions to try and figure out if what PUA SA was saying was in fact true:

1) PUA SA says that attraction has nothing to do with LOOKS
1 girl said this was correct, while the other 6 said this is not true

2) PUA SA says that attraction has nothing to do with MONEY
5 of the girls said that this is correct, with 1 saying that money does have an influence on attraction (“it’s a security thing”) and 1 sat on the fence about this topic

3) PUA SA says that AMBITION has everything to do with attraction
6 of the girls agreed with this comment, with 1 on them saying that it depends on whether they are too ambitious and career driven (if this is the case it’s a defo turn off – it’s all about balance)

4) PUA SA says that WORDS (what you say) are the least important part of an interaction
1 girl agreed, with the other 6 saying that what they are saying is important – what if a guy comes up to you and is talking complete nonsense? That is not going allow for attraction to that guy

5) One of the best openers (conversation starters) is a direct opener such as: “I would have killed myself if I didn’t come and tell you how beautiful you are”. Would this really work on a woman?
4 girls said NO, this would not work. 1 was unsure and 2 said that they would reply with: “Go kill yourself” :/

After looking at the above, we are not entirely convinced that all women are the same – we think this is a huge generalisation. But hey, maybe in the full BOOTCAMP you are able to learn how to talk to different types of women.

All in all, it was an interesting night. PUA SA say that they want to help men build strong, solid connections with women and that it’s not about manipulating women. They want to teach men how to interact with women in the ways that women want to be interacted with. Again . . . not all women are the same and we don’t think that every woman would want to be interacted with in the same way, but that’s just our female perspective. . .

 Digital Republic

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2 comments on “Digital Republic learns how to pick up girls from @PickupartistSA

  1. Humans are a species. And species have things that tie them together.

    Of course women are very different from one another. But on what scale? Women are more similar to each other than say a woman is to a whale.

    So it is possible that certain things will work in general on most women.

    For example, a large amount of women like brad pitt. Or george clooney.

    It’s a very human thing to want to differentiate ourselves and be different from each other. But we don’t have to try, because we are.

    But at the same time certain things are very similar, and we respond to certain things in similar ways.

    Women are wonderful creatures. And so are men.

    I think in general what pick up teaches is good. Is it manipulative? Yes it is. You’re manipulating social dynamics.

    It’s similar to how politicians always clasp your hand in theirs when they shake hands (assert dominance). Or how people engage in small talk before delving deeper (making other person comfortable). Or how you would speak extra politely to a person you want something from.

    How you use it is another matter. Personally I always espouse being responsible and a good person in general. So yeah we do a little white lies sometimes to make ourselves sound and look better. But who doesn’t in pressure social situations like bars and clubs.

    Women wear so much make up you couldn’t tell it was the same girl during the day.

    They take on slightly different personalities from when they are at work or at home having dinner with their folks.

    This is all just my opinion, and I’m not forcing on anyone.

    Thanks for writing such interesting blog posts !

    • Hey Colin,

      Thanks so much for your insight with regards to Pick Up SA.

      I can totally understand your point of view and I agree with you 🙂

      You seem to be able to put the whole issue into a more black and white approach which is nice to see, so thanks for that!

      Digital Republic

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