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DR’s Fluffy Adventure to @FourPaws

The girls at Digital Republic decided to visit the fluffy animals at 4Paws this morning.  After a bumpy drive past Steyn City, we finally arrived at 4Paws. We were greeted by the friendly smiles of Doctor and Elizabeth, both of whom seemed very happy about our visit. But their excitement was over shadowed by the vehemt barks an howls coming from the kennels.
The dogs were so excited to see our car pull up, running up and down the lengths of their kennels, jumping over each other. They were clearly excited, and so were we!

We started off our 4Paws visit by giving some dog and cat food we had bought to Elizabeth; a little token of appreciation from Digital Republic for allowing us to spend some time with the pups and kitties.

Fluff adventures

Fluff adventures

And then it was: PUPPIES!!!!! And through the gate we went, Doctor took us on a little tour, introducing each dog by their name: There was Flash and Maxine, Daisy and Rosey, Eddy and Lilly and a few others who moved around too much for us to get the face-name recognition right. We were each given a dog on a leash to take for a walk: Eddy, Daisy and Rosey, who just so happened to be three of the raddest little fluffs ever! They were so excited to go frolicking, but you could see that they were used to walks. Doctor and Elizabeth take the dogs on frequent ones, so often in fact that some of the dogs will point-blank refuse to wear a leash and take themselves on a walk, happily trotting beside their human chaperone. No leash needed, “Don’t worry human, I gots dis!”

We then went into the kitty enclosure, the area was full of cat posts and little toys ready to be used when the cats feel like it. Their living quarters are pretty impressive, with 4Paws transforming wendy houses into little multi-level cat condos.

Colin from Missing Link joined the girls at DR on our fluffy adventure, playing with the dogs and also getting a nice sneaky scratch from a cat. . .  It drew blood 😛

As we made our way out, we thanked Elizabeth for allowing us to come visit.

“Aren’t you going to adopt one?” Doctor asked with concern in his eyes.

Our hearts sank. All the petting, licking, walks, tummy rubs, go-fetch-the-ball-boy, lovely moments aside, the reality is is that these animals need homes. They need love. They need a family that can look after them. They need to be adopted!

Have a look at our photos below, and please check out the 4Paws website, to see what you can do for these amazing animals and this amazing cause!

IMG_6756  IMG_6763 IMG_6767 IMG_6768 IMG_6772 IMG_6773 IMG_6776 IMG_6779 IMG_6783 IMG_6782

Just a little bit about 4Paws:

4Paw’s mission is : To improve the quality of life of underprivileged animals. In our urban surroundings, the main categories are: squatter camp animals and feral cats.
Squatter Camp Projects:
The main problem in these poor areas is that people simply do not have the means, transport or finances to provide their animals with basic health care and veterinary treatment. As a result, many animals suffer unnecessarily, while others die a slow, painful death. Overpopulation results in numbers that no community can sustain, and many animals die from starvation. We provide primary health care services, veterinary treatments and sterilisations, free of charge.


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