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WhatsApp Blue Ticks

blue ticks


On the 06th of November 2014, people started noticing these blue ticks appear on their messages on WhatsApp. When the blue ticks first appeared on my phone I wondered what they could have meant, it is just another glitch in my phone? Upon further inspection I realised that not only do the blue ticks tell you that your message was read, if you swipe the screen to the side you can actually see some sort of message overview : The message, when it was read and when it was delivered, with a time stamp.


Many people took to social media to raise their opinions about the blue ticks that seem to have appeared out of a scene from “I know what you did last text message”, with many people outraged at their new lack of privacy. It seemed that most of the concern centered around the fact that people could no longer ignore others. The outrage! The inhumanity of it all! Because many people knew that this spelt disaster for people dealing with level 5 clingers.


“Why haven’t you answered my text?”

“Oh I just came online to read an important message and went off I didn’t read your text”

“But it said you read the message at 10:22:36am”


 whatsapp lol(Image source unknown)

We put the “whatsapp blue ticks” keywords into Tracx  and set the location to South Africa to see how many people were speaking about the blue ticks.


overview south africa

There were 652 posts about the blue ticks on Whatsapp, with the posts receiving just over 2 000 interactions

The posts reached over 2 300 people and the conversations had a density of 7.2 people


geo heat map

Looking at the Geo heat map in Tracx’s Labs capabilities, we can see where the posts and interactions originated from, with Johannesburg being the most vocal about the blue ticks than any other city in South Africa. There were 1 321 posts and interactions originating from Johannesburg, with 492 posts and interactions hailing from the Mother City.


most engaged post

The most engaged post was from 702. The posts was posted on 702’s Facebook page on the 6th of November 2014 at 17:37

The post received 1 063 interactions, 133 comments, 578 shares and 352 likes. The post was interacted with by 584 people.


While I have noticed that sometimes the blue ticks do not appear all the time, even though someone has read your message, it could be due to a few glitches in the new updates. So while many have been up in arms with the new blue ticks, fact of the matter is, if your friends get angry at you for not replying immediately after reading the message, then they are pretty crappy friends. After all, it’s a message, not a marriage proposal.


 Written by: #DRTracy

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