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Saturday marks the half way point for #Movember, it is the the day where the MoBros will wake up, go to the bathroom and have a deep long look at their Mo, reflecting on the month that it has been so far and just reflecting on the Mogress of their Mo.

Yesterday, we posted a blog about Movember and how the campaign was doing on a global scale, today we decided to “zoom-in” if you will, into the activities of the South African MoBros, particularly, the Bros from Freedom Hair, Blank Page Projects and The Captain’s Beard, who have joined forces to become the aMoBro’s.

The aMoBro’s created their team on the official Movember page, and started having conversations about men’s health on their social pages. They have hosted 2 events at The Golden Tiki and Freedom Hair since the beginning of Movemebr to create more awareness and raise funds. We decided to track the aMoBro’s efforts towards the cause on Tracx, where we can see how their use of social media and Mo-Gatherings have driven people to start conversations and also get involved, by signing up and joining the aMoBros.

Capture1 There have been 79 posts relating to the aMoBros, 73 of those posts were interacted with, meaning the post was liked/favourited/ retweeted/commented on/ replied to, giving the aMoBros an incredible 92% engagement rate. In total there were almost 750 interactions on the posts reaching over 620 people with conversations having a density of almost 10 people per conversation.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Capture44

The aMoBro’s activity occurred mainly on Facebook (62%) followed by Instagram  (25%) and Twitter making up the remaining 13% of all posts and interactions. Looking at the conversation drivers in the posts, the top 5 most words/ phrases were:

  • growing charity (used 57 times)
  • mens health  (used 57 times)
  • freedom hair  (used 57 times)
  • movember  (used 57 times)
  • #jointheamobros  (used 40 times)
  • #mosistah  (used 40times)

We took all the words listed in the conversation drivers and made it into the rad moustache word cloud you see at the top of the post.

Looking at the various posts of the aMoBros and the conversations about men’s health they were starting,  we can see that there is a strong desire to get as manly people involved, with all of their posts having a strong call-to-action which is Joining the aMoBros.


So far the aMoBro’s have raised R590 towards the fight to change the face of men’s health. The aMoBro’s welcome their MoSistah’s with open arms and make it very clear that even though you cannot physically grow a Mo, you too can get involved in this cause in whatever way possible.

Have a look at the infographic we did documenting the activities of the noble army of aMoBro’s this #movember. Join their team here and perhaps  get yourself a fresh hair cut from Boyden at Freedom Hair while you’re at it.



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