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Samsung’s Epic Fail

We live in a Digital world and as a result, we have seen countless examples of brands who have had a rouge tweet make it’s way past the proof reading stage and had to deal with the consequences. Although the brand in question may have quickly deleted the tweet or post, thanks to the magic of screenshots, those rogue tweets will forever haunt the tweeter and the brand will have some explaining to do. Now imagine the dismay that the Samsung team felt when this blunder was brought to their attention.

There, in a magazine advert, stood the bold words that Samsung was the proud sponsor of the Proteas, South Africa’s national cricket team, but the creative did not match the copy as Samsung depicted members of the Springboks (our national rugby team) using their devices. Unfortunately, for Samsung, this was not an online blunder and they could not merely delete the post; it isn’t that simple to just delete thousands of publications.

This was created by the Samsung in Korea who sent the advert to a South African magazine for publishing, so one could excuse the national team mix up.image1

We put the following keywords into Tracx to see what online conversations were being created around the Samsung #epicfail. Tracx was able to pull in all public information related to this blunder.

These were the keywords used: [Samsung Protea Advert Fail] OR [Samsung Advert Fail] OR (([world-class advert fail] OR [proud sponsors of the proteas fail] OR [proud sponsors of the springboks fail]) AND ([Samsung])) OR [SamsungAdFail] OR [Samsung #Fail] OR [#‎Samsung‬ ‪#‎epicfail‬] OR (([Samsung]) AND ([Fail] OR [EpicFail] OR [AdFail] OR [Ad Fail])) OR [#samsung #epicfail] OR [Samsung Epic Fail]

The dates we looked at were: 26th January 2015 – 1st February 2014

overviewOverall, there were 21 posts about Samsung’s blunder with a massive 226 interactions on the posts. The blunder did not do as well as we had expected with just under 200 unique people reached.

The 10 conversations had a density of 19.1 people per conversation.

genderThere were more males interacting than females, with males making up over 60% of activity.

share of the voice interactionsLooking at the share of the voice across all networks, we can see that the most interactions occurred on Twitter with there being 113 interactions on the 29th of January and 107 interactions on the 30th of January.

convo drivers

These were the conversation drivers surrounding the Samsung fail, with the phrases, “samsung epic fail” and “bad day samsung” topping the most used phrases in the online conversations.

influencers We had a look at the top influencers, with Samatha Perry being the top influencer surrounding the Samsung blunder. Using the Tracx tool, we decided to go into her Influencer profile and see what information was pulled through.

sam perryt

Samantha Perry was the top influencer with just 1 post, she reached 132 unique people, her impact per post was 160, with most of the interactions happening the day after she had tweeted the first post.

There are many laws in place regarding brands making fun of other brands but we cannot help but smirk at the funny comeback advert  that Hisense made with regards to the Samsung fail. Cheeky Hisense. 🙂



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