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Prevention is better than cure…!

Now, we would like to clarify that we are in no way affiliated with News24. We appreciate the news that they share and we understand that in a real-time world, sometimes things can get away from you. There is always this scurry to see who can be the first to share the latest and greatest news before the hype dies down.

Today, that quick reaction to current events lead to a “whoopsie” and it is not the first and won’t be the last we see in the digital space. We saw the South African Twitter world abuzz this morning with their accidental blunder: it would seem that one of the content creators, retweeted a post from News24 about the Taiwanese plane crash, but accidentally reweeted the post from the News24 account and not from his/her personal account. This retweet could have been easily deleted and scratched off as a tiny mistake had it not been for the CAPS LOCK which accompanied the retweet as well as the fact that there are people online who snapshot these events.


News24 later apologised for the tweet and stated that it was sent in error. This is the correct approach in such an event and we commend the brand for owning up.


Whilst the person responsible for the tweet may not have seen which account he/she was posting from, we couldn’t help but think that if News24 used Tracx, the problem may not have happened.

The date that we looked at was the 4th of February 2015, the first tweet was at about 8am this morning,. We pulled in the data at 12:00pm – bare in mind that the tool will aggregate every 3 minutes, so the data shown in this blog post will not be completely accurate as people will keep interacting with those posts throughout the day (the late risers). We will however, give you an overview of the full day at 4pm, so keep your eyes peeled on our social network accounts to see just how much online conversation this blunder generated in a day.

tracx overvie

In the 4 hours that have passed, there have been 41 posts relating to the keywords, these posts had over 100 interactions.
28 out of the 41 posts were interacted with thus resulting in 28 conversations. The engagement was 68% on the posts with a density of 3.3 people per conversation.

Overall  115 unique people were reached. This is low guys, like yea. . .  LOW. . . considering News24 has over 1 million followers on Twitter alone.

audience south africa heat map

There were more males interacting with the posts than females, with males making up 70% of all posts and interactions. Using Tracx’s cool Geo Heat map, we can track posts down to a street level view*. The majority of the posts came from Cape Town with 66, followed by Johannesburg with 33 posts and interactions.

* Tracx can only pull in public posts that have their location visible.

conversationsConversations about News24 peaked at 10:00am on the 4th of February (13 conversations).

sov interactions

Looking at the share of the voice in terms of network, we can see that Twitter had the greatest share of the voice, which is expected as the incident occurred on Twitter. Following the same trend as conversations, the number of interactions peaked at around 10:00am with 43 interactions occurring.

Why BRANDS need Tracx

You see, Tracx has a publishing function on the tool: brands can use the tool to publish as well as interact with various posts. This is what the Tracx publishing platform looks like:

Tracx publishing

Tracx is also functional on iPads and iPhones, so if you are working from your phone that’s all good, they have you covered. Android is coming soon!

If News24 used Tracx to publish to their various social media networks, there would have been no mistaking a brand’s account with a personal one. The publishing tool allows brands to choose which network they want to publish from, and then you have to choose which account you would like to publish from.

It seems that News24 does not have workflows in place that allow for posts to be sent for approval before being published. With Community Managers having so many social network accounts to manage, including that of their personal account, it seems almost silly to not make use of a social intelligence tool.


Tracx aggregates data every 3 minutes which is as close to real time as you’re going to get.

We highlighted the Retweet Button, and a second option appears where you are able to select which Twitter account you will be retweeting from. Aaaah look at that, no pesky private accounts getting in the way.


Tracy avatar with name

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