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#Zoolander2 – Paramount Picture’s Epic PR Stunt at the Paris Fashion Week


This has got to be one of the greatest PR stunts of 2015 so far! Paramount Pictures announced that Zoolander 2 is going to be released next year (February 16th 2016). For those of you who have not watched the first Zoolander (um. . . where have you been?), the movie centers around top male fashion model Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and the new rising star Hansel (Owen Wilson) who battle it out to be the top male model. So would it not seem only fitting to announce the sequel to a movie about fashion and models in a similar environment?

Paramount Pictures did just that and ‘crashed’ the Valentino fashion show at Paris Fashion Week yesterday. With their Magnum Faces at the ready Zoolander-Magnum, Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson channeled       their characters from the 2001 movie and walked down the catwalk. The stunt caused a massive uproar on social media and #Zoolander2 quick became a hot topic of conversation.

We have to give it to the guys at Paramount Pictures, the #Zoolander2 PR stunt generated a lot of excitement about the sequel. We decided to track the #Zoolander2 hashtag with our social intelligence tool, Tracx,. Here’s a look at the global activity that occurred since the catwalk crash. Please note that we’re pulling in data from the 10th March and today (11th March). As Tracx updates every 3 minutes, the data shown will be from yesterday up until 10:00AM this morning, ah real-time data.

CaptureSo far, there have been almost 1 900 posts relating to the hashtag and there have been over 25 000 interactions on the posts. 867 of the posts were converted into conversations.
There were 25 449 unique people reached with conversations having a density of 28.5 people per conversation.

audience activity

There was slightly more activity from females than males, with females making up 54.5% of the audience demographic, whilst males made up 45.5% of audience activity. From the activity breakdown, we can see which social platform had the biggest share of voice in terms of posts and interactions.
Twitter had the most activity with 35.12% followed by Facebook Pages: 34.11%, Instagram: 18.71% and News sites with 3.49%.

Here are the top 5 influencers with scores calculated on 4 criteria: reach, impact, quality and volume;


Ben Stiller is the top influencer with 13 posts that had an impact of 9 900, (impact is the total amount of interactions created on relevant posts) therefore each of his #Zoolander2 posts had an average of 76 1.54 interactions. Taking  Stiller’s social following into account, (Twitter and Facebook), Stiller has the potential to reach 8 005 809 people and has so far reached 19 895 unique people.

blue-steel-ben-stiller #BlueSteel baby!!! Love it!


This really cool Geo-heat map shows where the activity around #Zoolander2 is being generated from. Majority of all posts and interactions originate from the US.

Picture3We looked at the most used words relating to the hashtag and decided to make our own Zoolander2 poster using all the conversation drivers. BAM!!!

Cannot wait to watch this movie!


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