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#trackatrend with Digital Republic

How many times have you been part of a trending conversation? Like some of these from today (16 March 2015):twiiter trends for blog post

Hashtags allow us to track conversation topics and if these hashtags are used enough times, they become a trend. But you already knew that didn’t you?
What if we told you that you can get more information around a trending topic apart from the usual “this and that is trending in SA tweets”.
What if we used our extremely powerful social intelligence tool Tracx, to monitor any trending topic of your choice and then, shared a high-level view of the data with you, for free.
No sign ups or bank details required; no signatures nor samples of DNA needed.

Digital Republic presents:


trackatrend creative

Social media is very powerful and it can catapult your brand into digital infamy. Alternatively, your brand could be completely torn apart and dwindle into the abyss of the second page Google Search. We at Digital Republic work with social data everyday using Tracx. There’ll be many-a-time when we use the tool to track events, trends and news worthy stories in real-time, all on one unified platform. Now whilst us sharing this information with you through various platforms like our blog, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts may be be interesting to a few, we feel like it lacks the involvement of audience inputs.

So, for the rest of March this year, we’re running a campaign called #trackatrend, we at Digital Republic want to give the audience the opportunity to take the power into their hands and decide what trending topics we should cover in our posts.

That’s right, you may have the chance to have your trending topic of choice be monitored for the day and we will share social data throughout the day. Yay!

Here are some examples of the metrics we may pull relevant to your chosen trending topic:

  • Overviews
  • Influencers
  • Share of the Voice
  • Conversation drivers
  • Geo- heat maps

So this information has to come at a price right? Well yes…

All you have to do is follow Digital Republic on Twitter: @Digital_R , tweet us  with the hashtag/phrase of the trend you’d like us to monitor followed by the hashtag #trackatrend

Let’s break this deal down one more time:

You get high level overviews of ANY topic of YOUR interest using true metrics pulled in by Tracx and all it will cost you is a follow and a tweet. Track a trend. Pay with a tweet.

Everyday, we will choose 1 topic to monitor; the cooler/more interesting/funnier/ the more exciting the trending topic is the better chance it has of being chosen.

#trackatrend is open to everyone in the audience: whether you’re a social media fanatic that is curious about the data behind the hashtag, a small business wanting to track your online conversations, or are just curious about a campaign that intrigued you.

So what are you waiting for?

Tweet us with your trending topic followed by the hashtag #trackatrend and your topic may be the next one featured.



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