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Geolocation: What’s in it for consumers?

Reasons why you should enable geolocation

There have been many articles advocating the use of geolocation for brands, but what about from a customer stand-point? Why should I, as a customer make use of geolocation enabled Tweets or Facebook posts? What about privacy risks? What about safety risks?

Are we just lead by the semi automatic “don’t-allow-app-to-have-access-to-my-location” fear that someone, somewhere out there is tracking your every move? Truth be told, more often than not, you are being monitored. When you tweet something, that information goes out into the social ether and is there for anyone to see.

I had recently downloaded Uber and I was asked if I would let the application have access to my location. I had to consciously stop my opposable thumb from pressing “Don’t allow”, remembering that I needed Uber to know my location.  This made think: Why was my natural reaction just to block access to my location? Are we living in a world so scared of Big Brother that we deny access of applications to certain parts of our life that we in fact, by that very notion, are denying ourselves access to the sweet brand treats that use the power of SoLoMo (Social, Location and Mobile)?

As brands start using location based monitoring tools more and more, they are coming up with new and innovative ways to add value to the lives of their consumers. So why am I denying myself access to my favourite brands’ value-adds? I decided to take it upon myself to enable my location for my Twitter app.

Twitter: To Find things (AKA Search)

I enabled my location for Twitter, if you didn’t already know, you can search for tweets, hashtags and topics under the search bar and then further refine the search. This little feature is really handy, if for example, you’re looking for a service such as hairdresser or dentist.

So I searched for a dentist to see what the results were:

photo 1dentist

If you click on the two lines in the search bar you can refine your  search, press more and select the option “Near you”.

photo 3 photo 4

photo 5

And voila! All tweets within a 25km radius with the hashtag #dentist have been pulled in; people, news, photos, everything. Therefore anything information that I need is right at my fingertips.

There are literally thousands of articles online about the benefits of brands using location based monitoring tools to track a consumers social post and then use that information to send through promotions etc… For example, when Digital Republic  use the next generation social intelligence tool Tracx, to download heatmaps of posts and activity (of course Tracx will only be able to track the posts and interactions that came from people who allowed the location settings on their social media platforms to be switched on). This technology is so amazing that we can literally track posts and activity down to a street level.

south africa


Brands are becoming aware that more customer use  mobile phones to access information as well as to use various social media platforms. These brands are now using the power of SoLoMo to offer customers promotions and coupons solely based on the fact that the customer happens to be within close proximity of the store. Location searches are becoming more common than basic text searches as we are able to find the things that we are looking for much more easily and our results are becoming more accurate.

Still don’t think that switching on your location  settings on your apps will benefit you? Think again.


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