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Trevor Noah and The Sunday Times

On the 24th of May 2015, the Sunday Times published a story to their front page about an alleged tragedy that befell Trevor Noah’s family. The front page cover stated that Noah’s cousin had been brutally killed in KwaZulu Natal. The cover story went on to describe how the alleged murder took place which also included a statement from Noah’s grandmother saying that the family is “cursed.” Sunday Times had stated that due to the fact that Trevor Noah was travelling, he had not been informed about the brutal murder. The Sunday Times is one of South Africa’s biggest newspaper publications, publishing its first newspaper in 1906,  and until recently, was one of the country’s most reputable news sources. Trevor Noah rubbished claims of the family tragedy and tweeted the following post: “Thanks to some crafty journalism my family and I have spent the whole day trying to figure out if one of us died. #awkward”. sunday times front pagre We can see how traditional media easily translated into the online realm with many taking to Twitter to discuss the alleged tragedy. This topic has been trending on Twitter on Sunday and Monday (the 24th and 25th of May 2015). We decided to put the following keywords into Tracx to see what data the powerful social intelligence tool pulled in with the location set to South Africa ONLY. The keywords tracked were: [crafty journalism] OR (([trevor noah] OR [trevornoah]) AND ([Cebisile Khoza] OR [sundaytimes] OR [Sunday times ZA] OR [sundaytimesza])). The dates that were tracked were the 24th – 25th May 2015. overview

  • There have been a total of 74 posts with 880 interactions.
  • There were 45 conversations generated since the 24th of May 2015, resulting in an engagement rate of 61%.
  • The keywords related to Trevor Noah were mentioned a total of 64 times.
  • There were 828 unique people reached with the conversations having a density of 18.7 people per conversation.

activity Looking at the activity volume, we can see that majority of the posts and interactions occurred on Twitter, with the social media platform making up 99.06% of all activity. Facebook activity didn’t pull in as a result of the geo-location setting so we went with what we could put together in a short time 🙂 This was followed by News Sites and Blogs which made up the remaining 0.94%. breakdown audienceThere were slightly more males interacting than males, with males making up 57.4% and females making up 42.6% of the audience demographic. convo drivers The most popular words are determined by score, which is based on the frequency and uniqueness of the word being used: The top 3 most popular words/phrases used by the audience were:

  • ‘trevornoah’ with the top score of 10 (used 487 times)
  • ‘sundaytimesza’ with a score of 8  (used 57 times)
  • ‘charlizeafrica’ with a score of 7 (used 3 times)

most engaged It came as no surprise that the most engaged post was Trevor Noah’s tweet responding to the Sunday Time’s article. His post received 424 interactions, 1 favourite, 208 replies and 215 retweets by 397 people. The last interaction was on the 25th of May 2015 at 13:32. It is important to note that due to the fact that we are pulling in data from an active day (i.e. the 25th of May 2015), the data shown is likely to change as more people interact with it. (Please note that Facebook has been excluded from activity) There has been no retract or apology from The Sunday Times on their Twitter feed today. We wonder what this would do to the 109 year old publication’s reputability.


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