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The CEO Sleep Out

hh5pdvan1a2wx2oaxi3tThe CEO Sleep Out Inaugural event is a global movement about looking beyond profits and looking toward purpose. It challenges South African business leaders to sleep under the stars for one night. The purpose of this challenge is to ‘bring hope and a home to South Africa’s most vulnerable children by raising money, with each business leader given a target of R100 000. There were over 200 CEOs who took part in this cause and have raised over R20 million rand! Yes, exclamation point.. This is a good thing!!!

On a chilly Thursday night on the 18th of June 2015, over 200 business leaders gathered outside Sun International, Gwen Lane, Sandton. The 18th of June was purposefully chosen as it was one of the longest coldest days of the year. Looking at a weather forecast on Time and Date  we can see that it was a chilly 8°C around 02:00AM. weather The cause had a strong message where they implored business leaders to sleep outside for one night so that millions won’t have to do it forever. According to EWN, ‘The 250 anticipated participants will each pay R100,000 towards the cause and will receive a sleeping bag and a cup of soup before spending the night of 18 June on Gwen Lane.’

We decided to track hashtags and keywords relating to The CEO Sleep Out to see what the social media universe had to say about this event. The keywords that were tracked: [#ceosleepoutza] OR [ceo sleepout] OR [theceosleepout] OR [the ceo sleepout] OR [ceo sleep out] OR [ceosleepout] OR [702 sun international sleepout] OR (([#ceosleepoutza] OR [ceo sleep out] OR [ceosleepout] OR [702 sun international sleepout]) AND ([charity] OR [raise])) We tracked the 17th – 19th of June 2015, as these dates pulled in the most activity. overview

  1. There has been a total of 586 posts relating to the sleep out with over 6 000 interactions
  2. 443 posts were interacted with, thus, generating conversations, creating an engagement rate of 76%
  3. The sleep out was mentioned a total of 684 times
  4. There were over 4 500 unique people reached with conversations having a density of 13.2 people per conversation

activity volume activity breakdown

In terms of activity, there was a total of 7 491 posts and interactions. Facebook dominated the activity holding 55.15% of posts and interactions, this was followed by Twitter with 42.1%, News Sites with 1.63% and Instagram with 0.75%. The most activity took place on the day of the sleep out with over 4 300 posts and interactions taking place on the 18th of June 2015. audience Females dominated online activity with the fairer sex making up 62.9% whilst males only made up 37.1% of activity. There were two dominant age groups who talked about the sleep out with 67% being between the ages of 35-44 and 33% being between the ages of 25-34. heatmapTracx’s  cool Geo-Heat map feature allows us to track where people were posting from (if they have their location settings switched on). 5 111 of posts and interactions were generated from Gauteng, followed by Cape Town with 355 posts and interactions and Durban with 151 posts and interactions. If we zoom down even further, we can view activity down to a street level. Can you guess where the most activity came from? heat map sandton

You guessed it, Sandton!

The Sleep out has inspired a teacher at Auckland Park Prep to conduct her own Sleep Out with the grade 5’s of the school. The sleep out will happen on the 19th of June 2015 but instead of donating R100 000, the grade 5 pupils were asked to donate a blanket in order to be a part of the sleep out.

 CaptureWe took all the conversation drivers and created a word cloud that aptly reflects this cause.

word cloud

It is amazing how much this event has inspired others around South Africa to also do their part. We’re very proud of the CEOs who participated, braved the cold and raised money for this cause, we salute you!


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