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The Women’s Day targeting is a load of Bic

So, this happened and we thought that we would share some information on this whole “bic” debacle. Apparently, Bic have apologised and from what we can see people have mixed feelings about this. Some people have found First For Women adverts more offensive to men and some people believe that there are more important things to worry about. These issues do not have to be rhetorical or ignored; you are welcome to comment and share your thoughts with us.

Just to give you some background on the data you will see below:
1. We are only looking at activity specific to South Africa (even though we know it went global and is on Mashable)
2. We are only looking at data for the past 2 days – 11th August to 12th August
3. As conversations are still streaming in activity is still increasing and it is still very much an active topic online…

active word cloud

Between Twitter and Facebook (there have been news and blog posts related to this as well), people are sharing their opinions about the advert. As activity is being updated every 3 minutes (YIKES – talk about real-time) there are more conversations happening as I type this. The best way to get a grip on all the data streaming in is to take a look at conversation drivers. While the words/phrases “offensive” and “day fail bic” appear in the conversation drivers I think the outcome about what people actually think might be surprising.

word cloudMedia tend to do this thing where they see a few negative comments and people who feel insulted and decide this could be GREAT to share and see the reaction. Obviously, you cannot start a fire without some fuel. Having the ability to delve into online conversations across multiple platforms really gives us the edge and means of understanding why people have decided to feel the way they do. So we popped over to the most engaged post related to this topic, which was posted by 702 talk radio:

best performing post

Someone made a comment about market researchers researching the wrong content in terms of helping to determine how they can craft their messaging. Overall, the working women don’t seem to find this very offensive. There were some trolls who wanted to stir things up a bit more and some people who were hugely dissatisfied with the advert, but to my surprise, people were not as upset as the media made them out to be. There were some people who were hugely offended by the advert, don’t get me wrong.

conversation analytics

Judging by the sentiment people were not too happy – that is specifically related to the post by 702 talk radio. Women definitely dominated in the 702 talk radio post and the conversation has started to dwindle on that post as well. Cape Town and Jozi were the main locations where people were commenting from.

network split gender

Maybe people are easily offended? Maybe people are entitled to feel offended? Maybe brands should be doing some social listening in order to source content that is applicable and non-offensive? The only answer we have is that people are still talking about it; we would love to know from “Bic” if this has any impact on their sales and bottom line and brands should know by now that in the digital age, when you post certain things people will infer what they want from it. If we are not part of your brain storming sessions how are we expected to know the thought process behind what you’re sharing with us?!?!?!

With a total of 420 engagements on Facebook and 251 on Twitter it might not seem like a lot of people have engaged, but then again we can see that over 98 586 people have viewed the post on the 702 talk radio Facebook page… Now that’s something in two days!


That’s just some information on our side!

Chat soon…
Digital Republic

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