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The Sloane Foundation…

We live in a world where we are all connected so closely, under a microscope with access to one another twenty-four-seven, thanks to technology, but in some ways we live very disconnected lives as a result. While sharing, liking and commenting might seem like an active step towards participation to drive change, it is critical to remember that those engagements do not save lives. We are encouraging people to show their support, help to drive awareness and also, most importantly, to help us generate the funds necessary to save this precious, little baby boy.


“Sloane Anthony Lindique-Brown was born on the 5th March 2014, brining joy not only to Chantelle and Andrew but to every person he has met. He is a lively, mischievous little fella, who was born with a natural ability to charm everyone.”

How can you help?
There are some fundraiser events being planned that you might like to attend:
Poker Challenge
High Tea
94.7 Cycle Challenge

Anyone who would like to participate in any of the fund raisers, please contact Charmaine on 082 572 2201 or thesloanefoundation@gmail.com or Nicolette Essey on 082 868 7987 or nicolette@absolutesafety.co.za

Alternatively if you would like to help this little guy by way of donation, please use the following account for your donations. Account name: The Sloane Support Fund
First National Bank Fund
Account No: 62 515 787 929
Branch: Clearwater, 250 655
SWIFT Code: FIRNZAJJ (for international transfers)
Please use your email address as reference, as the family would like to send you a personal thank you.


Let’s help Sloane’s smile change the world and let this little boy be an inspiration to all of us.

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