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Coca-Cola SA #EnjoyTheFeeling

We are often asked about effective campaign execution on social platforms, how to measure and track these campaigns and, of course, everyone wants to determine how “well” their campaign has done. We decided to take the Coca-Cola SA #EnjoyTheFeeling campaign and share some insights with you…

The first and most important part of putting a campaign together is:
WHAT DO YOU WANT TO ACHIEVE? (aka what are your objectives)? People often ask me what a social intelligence report will include and, honestly, it is all about what you want to achieve. With so much data to sift through you need to know why you are doing something so that you can benchmark. The other great thing about digital? If you are not hitting your objectives you can change things up.. IN REAL TIME!


  • This campaign ran from 01 March to 19 March 2016.
  • Coca-Cola utilised radio platforms 947 and KFM. The campaign was a part of the Top40SA.
  • In order to participate, listeners had to share a photo of themselves drinking a Coca-Cola on either Instagram, Twitter or on either 947 or KFM’s Facebook pages.
  • Participants also had to tweet their entry using the hashtags #EnjoyTheFeeling and #CokeTop40SA.

When it comes to tracking a campaign and reporting accurately on it, you need to know what the entry mechanism is and you really have to be very clever about how you phrase the keywords to make sure you get all the correct data. Below is the difference between people who only used the #EnjoyTheFeeling hashtag compared to people who used the correct hashtags as stipulated in the competition rules; #EnjoyTheFeeling and #CokeTop40SA.


That is over double the volumes for tracking the correct keywords.


Pulling activity from only two platforms as opposed to three with the correct method.

  • Despite the #EnjoyTheFeeling campaign running on multiple social media platforms, the requirement of entering on Twitter incentivised participants to continue to use Twitter.
  • Barrier to enter.. Expecting audiences to use two hashtags for the #EnjoyTheFeeling campaign created a problem whereby some people only used the #EnjoyTheFeeling hashtag.
  • A ‘closed’ social media campaign creates limitations where reach is concerned as it excludes a significantly large audience that may otherwise be involved.
  • The #EnjoyTheFeeling campaign insisted that entrants tag either @947Joburg or @KFMza on Instagram, tag @947 or @KFMza on Twitter or comment on a Coca-Cola Top40SA post on either 947 or KFM’s Facebook walls. As such, all posts were linked to the radio stations’ social media pages – an imperative aspect in running the competition.

Know what you want to achieve; be able to track it properly and utilise your public channels as much as possible when it comes to audience engagement.

Please note that all the data is taken from open and public platforms.

CK and BM

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