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The Sloane Foundation…

We live in a world where we are all connected so closely, under a microscope with access to one another twenty-four-seven, thanks to technology, but in some ways we live very disconnected lives as a result. While sharing, liking and commenting might seem like an active step towards participation to drive change, it is critical […]

The Women’s Day targeting is a load of Bic

So, this happened and we thought that we would share some information on this whole “bic” debacle. Apparently, Bic have apologised and from what we can see people have mixed feelings about this. Some people have found First For Women adverts more offensive to men and some people believe that there are more important things to […]

Search Online Consulting donates laptops to students

(if you would like to help out/ participate/ remain anonymous, but hand over some goodies and donate towards this cause please contact us July 18th 2015, Nelson Mandela Day, a day that is fresh in the minds of many South Africans who find themselves remembering their contribution towards Mandela Day. Many got involved and donated […]

The CEO Sleep Out

The CEO Sleep Out Inaugural event is a global movement about looking beyond profits and looking toward purpose. It challenges South African business leaders to sleep under the stars for one night. The purpose of this challenge is to ‘bring hope and a home to South Africa’s most vulnerable children by raising money, with each business […]

Trevor Noah and The Sunday Times

On the 24th of May 2015, the Sunday Times published a story to their front page about an alleged tragedy that befell Trevor Noah’s family. The front page cover stated that Noah’s cousin had been brutally killed in KwaZulu Natal. The cover story went on to describe how the alleged murder took place which also […]

Geolocation: What’s in it for consumers?

There have been many articles advocating the use of geolocation for brands, but what about from a customer stand-point? Why should I, as a customer make use of geolocation enabled Tweets or Facebook posts? What about privacy risks? What about safety risks? Are we just lead by the semi automatic “don’t-allow-app-to-have-access-to-my-location” fear that someone, somewhere […]

Trevor Noah and The Daily Show – Case Study – The Importance of Cross Referencing

Trevor Noah and The Daily Show – Case Study – The Importance of Cross Referencing

During the month of March, we ran a campaign called #trackatrend. The aim of the campaign was to showcase the capabilities of Tracx using trends that were chosen by the online audience. These trends were topics of interest to the audience and covered trends like the Cricket World Cup, Lead SA Road Safety and Trevor Noah. […]