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#trackatrend with Digital Republic

#trackatrend with Digital Republic

How many times have you been part of a trending conversation? Like some of these from today (16 March 2015): Hashtags allow us to track conversation topics and if these hashtags are used enough times, they become a trend. But you already knew that didn’t you? What if we told you that you can get […]

#Zoolander2 – Paramount Picture’s Epic PR Stunt at the Paris Fashion Week

#Zoolander2 – Paramount Picture’s Epic PR Stunt at the Paris Fashion Week

This has got to be one of the coolest PR stunts of 2015 so far!

#Movember: The month of the Moustache @MovemberSA

Movember: The month of the Moustache In 2003 in Australia, the Garone brothers decided to start growing their moustaches in an attempt to bring the badass old-fashion moustache of the 1970’s back onto the faces of twenty first century men. The Garone brothers, along with 30 other men, decided to grow a Mo for the […]

WhatsApp Blue Ticks

  On the 06th of November 2014, people started noticing these blue ticks appear on their messages on WhatsApp. When the blue ticks first appeared on my phone I wondered what they could have meant, it is just another glitch in my phone? Upon further inspection I realised that not only do the blue ticks […]

Russell Brand and the #reLOVEution

Russell Brand and the #ReLOVEution Russell Brand is at it again, rustling up brands, governments and economies alike from their cushy gold-encrusted, a million odd thread count Egyptian cotton thrown cushions. Brand’s latest reinvention manifested itself into political activism and it has rustled many feathers (okay that’s the last rustle-Russell reference!) and has been the […]

Hello Ello!

We are sure you have noticed by now that there is a new social networking platform that almost EVERYONE is talking about – if you haven’t noticed by now. . . it’s called Ello (kinda like Hello, but not. . . ) Some background about what this new social networking platform is about (bullet points […]

Oscar Trial

The Oscar Trial has taken the world by storm, with thousands of people taking to social media to share their opinion on the case. We used the Tracx Social Intelligence Tool to track the conversations that surrounded Barry Roux and Gerrie Nel. We used the following keywords in our query: [#Oscartrial] OR [Oscar trial] OR [Reeva] […]