Global Trends

FIFA World Cup Final Germany VS Argentina

The FIFA world cup was hosted by Brazil, with there being a lot of controversy surrounding the host nation and their policies, the World Cup went off without a hitch. On the 13th of July, the world came together to watch semi finalists Germany and Argentina battle it out to be crowned the world’s best. The […]

Always #Likeagirl

 Always #Likeagirl   Always launched a campaign called “Like a Girl”, a campaign that challenges the norms of the stereotype “like a girl”. They asked a few participants to show them what it means like to run, fight and throw like a girl, with each participant doing a comedic re-enactment of what they thought it […]

FNB speaks about the #futureofbanking

On the 9th of July 2014 we hung around to hear about the future of banking with FNB ITWeb will chat to future banking expert, Kim Gibson v/d Walt, and Internet and mobile communications analyst, Arthur Goldstuck, about current trends and what we can expect from the relationship between banking and technology in the future. […]

Texting and Driving, VW’s shocking “Don’t text and drive campaign.”

Watch this video before reading this blog!           How many of you guys text while driving? From the Infographic above sourced from, the stats are pretty shocking!  we mean whilst texting and driving, the driver drives the equivalent distance to the length of a football field without looking! This is […]