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#trackatrend with Digital Republic

#trackatrend with Digital Republic

How many times have you been part of a trending conversation? Like some of these from today (16 March 2015): Hashtags allow us to track conversation topics and if these hashtags are used enough times, they become a trend. But you already knew that didn’t you? What if we told you that you can get […]

Prevention is better than cure…!

Now, we would like to clarify that we are in no way affiliated with News24. We appreciate the news that they share and we understand that in a real-time world, sometimes things can get away from you. There is always this scurry to see who can be the first to share the latest and greatest news […]

Samsung’s Epic Fail

Samsung’s Epic Fail

We live in a Digital world and as a result, we have seen countless examples of brands who have had a rouge tweet make it’s way past the proof reading stage and had to deal with the consequences. Although the brand in question may have quickly deleted the tweet or post, thanks to the magic […]

FNB- double debits

On the 5th of July 2014, it seemed liked FNB experienced some technical difficulty. Many FNB customers complained that there were double transactions made to their account. Numerous FNB customers took to social media to complain about the double transactions which included debit orders being deducted twice. “It appears that a system error at FNB […]

Just how important is your online reputation…

Even though the conversations that were generated regarding this online faux pas seem minuscule, I can assure you that people are talking about it and using it as an example of “what not to do” in the real world. We are not here to discuss the offending tweet and the ramifications thereafter, but rather to […]

What Digital Republic ACTUALLY does

When people see the word “digital” they automatically assume that we are a creative agency. Just to clarify; WE ARE NOT A CREATIVE AGENCY, but what we offer could definitely help creative agencies and give them a competitive edge. We come from a strong market research background and while the digital space in South Africa […]

Listen and Engage

In today’s rapid paced business world thousands of companies are taking a ‘slice out of the social media cake’. Many have decided that social media is where it’s happening and they want in. This is all good and well; companies going online and using social media to attract more business, but in order to actually […]