The Story is what you look for in “Big Data”

I believe every data-set has at least one story to tell, usually there are many. Big data analytics is the process of examining data to hear that story. Sometimes the simple frequency tables or cross-tabs are good enough to find the story. Other times one has to run slightly more complex processes like regression, time […]

Insight into Social Metrics

By Bronwyn van Rensburg I speak to many people in the digital space ranging from agencies to corporates, to full solution social media teams, community managers, content creators, website analysts, digital experts, …need I go on? I speak to a lot of people from all walks of the digital and social sphere. I am not […]

How to Monitor Social Media and its Impact on your Brand

by Christine van Spaendonck It is 2015, no matter how old or experienced one is, the majority of people are starting to make and modify opinions through social media. Many companies – specifically the smaller ones – are often not aware of what is being said about them in the social spheres.  This can be […]

Rugby Explained! by Lauren Jameson

Commonly used terms: Watching rugby for the first time, especially The World Cup 2015, the sport can appear to be a chaotic collection of indecipherable movements and hectic collisions. In reality, rugby is highly technical and organized with specific rules governing all aspects of play. To get you up to speed on all the rugby […]

Homo Naledi – The Social Impact of an Explosive Trend

One of the things that we love about social media, is that we can get a realtime feel of what is going on and opinions and sentiments thereof without having to go through a lengthy research process. Tracx is a platform on which one may manage and monitor their social presence. Using Homo Naledi as […]

What do we do?

In the past few weeks I have been asked the above question many times.  After a decade of growing and establishing one of the most highly regarded market research firms in the country, it was time for a change. Spending your time talking to consumers and businesses and looking to decipher market trends, one cannot […]

The Sloane Foundation…

We live in a world where we are all connected so closely, under a microscope with access to one another twenty-four-seven, thanks to technology, but in some ways we live very disconnected lives as a result. While sharing, liking and commenting might seem like an active step towards participation to drive change, it is critical […]

The Women’s Day targeting is a load of Bic

So, this happened and we thought that we would share some information on this whole “bic” debacle. Apparently, Bic have apologised and from what we can see people have mixed feelings about this. Some people have found First For Women adverts more offensive to men and some people believe that there are more important things to […]

Search Online Consulting donates laptops to students

(if you would like to help out/ participate/ remain anonymous, but hand over some goodies and donate towards this cause please contact us hello@digitalrepublic.co.za) July 18th 2015, Nelson Mandela Day, a day that is fresh in the minds of many South Africans who find themselves remembering their contribution towards Mandela Day. Many got involved and donated […]

The CEO Sleep Out

The CEO Sleep Out Inaugural event is a global movement about looking beyond profits and looking toward purpose. It challenges South African business leaders to sleep under the stars for one night. The purpose of this challenge is to ‘bring hope and a home to South Africa’s most vulnerable children by raising money, with each business […]