Trevor Noah and The Sunday Times

On the 24th of May 2015, the Sunday Times published a story to their front page about an alleged tragedy that befell Trevor Noah’s family. The front page cover stated that Noah’s cousin had been brutally killed in KwaZulu Natal. The cover story went on to describe how the alleged murder took place which also […]

Geolocation: What’s in it for consumers?

There have been many articles advocating the use of geolocation for brands, but what about from a customer stand-point? Why should I, as a customer make use of geolocation enabled Tweets or Facebook posts? What about privacy risks? What about safety risks? Are we just lead by the semi automatic “don’t-allow-app-to-have-access-to-my-location” fear that someone, somewhere […]



Digital Republic offering: Community Overview

Digital Republic offering: Community Overview

Facebook and Instagram were down!

Whilst driving to work, I switched on the radio and landed smack bang into a conversation about what would happen to the world if we did not have satellite signal for a day. The caller, who backed his statements up with reference to a study conducted by Washington University, very slowly and descriptively described the […]

The power of awareness

Brownsville students The power of social media and the power of story telling. Many people ask the question “how does this social campaign actually raise money for the cause that we’re getting behind?” Whilst the sharing of posts may not literally send money into the bank account of the cause, it does create awareness. According to […]

Oh Eskom…

It seems as though the country is up in arms about the recent spate of scheduled and rolling blackouts we have experienced from electricity giant Eskom. These on and off shenanigans have been happening for about three weeks now; a ‘beautiful’ welcome by our country into the festive season. The country experienced quite a pleasant […]

#Movember: The month of the Moustache @MovemberSA

Movember: The month of the Moustache In 2003 in Australia, the Garone brothers decided to start growing their moustaches in an attempt to bring the badass old-fashion moustache of the 1970’s back onto the faces of twenty first century men. The Garone brothers, along with 30 other men, decided to grow a Mo for the […]

DR’s Fluffy Adventure to @FourPaws

The girls at Digital Republic decided to visit the fluffy animals at 4Paws this morning.  After a bumpy drive past Steyn City, we finally arrived at 4Paws. We were greeted by the friendly smiles of Doctor and Elizabeth, both of whom seemed very happy about our visit. But their excitement was over shadowed by the vehemt […]

Digital Republic learns how to pick up girls from @PickupartistSA

Alrighty then. Josh (from Pick Up Artist SA) was nice enough to invite us to the seminar last night. . . So naturally, we went! We were a tad bit late to arrive, by luckily they hadn’t started yet. As we looked into the room packed tight with hundreds of men, we noticed two chairs at […]