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Coca-Cola SA #EnjoyTheFeeling

We are often asked about effective campaign execution on social platforms, how to measure and track these campaigns and, of course, everyone wants to determine how “well” their campaign has done. We decided to take the Coca-Cola SA #EnjoyTheFeeling campaign and share some insights with you… The first and most important part of putting a campaign together […]

#trackatrend with Digital Republic

#trackatrend with Digital Republic

How many times have you been part of a trending conversation? Like some of these from today (16 March 2015): Hashtags allow us to track conversation topics and if these hashtags are used enough times, they become a trend. But you already knew that didn’t you? What if we told you that you can get […]

The aMoBros

Saturday marks the half way point for #Movember, it is the the day where the MoBros will wake up, go to the bathroom and have a deep long look at their Mo, reflecting on the month that it has been so far and just reflecting on the Mogress of their Mo. Yesterday, we posted a […]

DR’s Fluffy Adventure to @FourPaws

The girls at Digital Republic decided to visit the fluffy animals at 4Paws this morning.  After a bumpy drive past Steyn City, we finally arrived at 4Paws. We were greeted by the friendly smiles of Doctor and Elizabeth, both of whom seemed very happy about our visit. But their excitement was over shadowed by the vehemt […]

Suzelle – SA’s Afrikaaner Skoonheid

Suzelle has taken the South African social media space by storm over the last two months or so. Her videos are part of “A Bitesize DIY Webseries” that she has created in order to help us (people like you and us) to use creativity in doing ordinary tasks as well as creating amazing and beautiful […]

Digital Republic goes to Missing Link

The ladies at Digital Republic had a meeting with the guys at Missing Link to discuss some business. When setting up the meeting and choosing the venue, we had eager requests by the Missing Link guys to come to their offices and experience their office culture. What’s so different about their offices? Why can’t they […]

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

So last week our timelines were flooded (excuse the pun) with videos for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Many celebrities took part in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, choosing to dump an ice bucket over their heads and donate $10 to the ALS foundation. According to the ALS foundation: “Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), often referred to as […]

BMW: The Epic #Driftmob

Check out the amazing video from BMW: The Epic Driftmob feat. BMW M235i   On the 29th of July 2014, the amazing people that work at BMW decided to pull off a flashmob inspired stunt to launch the new BMW 2 series, more specifically the M235i. The flashmob was rather different and something true to […]

#SAQuake and Social: Analysed using Tracx Social Media Intelligence tool

On the 5th of August 2014, South Africa (well Jozi at the time) felt an unsettling jolt as the earth shook from under their feet. A pause, followed by wide eyed colleagues starring at each other, holding on to the edge of the tables asking each other whether they felt that. Another violent shake. Panic. […]

Always #Likeagirl

 Always #Likeagirl   Always launched a campaign called “Like a Girl”, a campaign that challenges the norms of the stereotype “like a girl”. They asked a few participants to show them what it means like to run, fight and throw like a girl, with each participant doing a comedic re-enactment of what they thought it […]