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Coca-Cola SA #EnjoyTheFeeling

We are often asked about effective campaign execution on social platforms, how to measure and track these campaigns and, of course, everyone wants to determine how “well” their campaign has done. We decided to take the Coca-Cola SA #EnjoyTheFeeling campaign and share some insights with you… The first and most important part of putting a campaign together […]

The power of awareness

Brownsville students The power of social media and the power of story telling. Many people ask the question “how does this social campaign actually raise money for the cause that we’re getting behind?” Whilst the sharing of posts may not literally send money into the bank account of the cause, it does create awareness. According to […]

Russell Brand and the #reLOVEution

Russell Brand and the #ReLOVEution Russell Brand is at it again, rustling up brands, governments and economies alike from their cushy gold-encrusted, a million odd thread count Egyptian cotton thrown cushions. Brand’s latest reinvention manifested itself into political activism and it has rustled many feathers (okay that’s the last rustle-Russell reference!) and has been the […]

Oscar Trial

The Oscar Trial has taken the world by storm, with thousands of people taking to social media to share their opinion on the case. We used the Tracx Social Intelligence Tool to track the conversations that surrounded Barry Roux and Gerrie Nel. We used the following keywords in our query: [#Oscartrial] OR [Oscar trial] OR [Reeva] […]

FIFA World Cup Final Germany VS Argentina

The FIFA world cup was hosted by Brazil, with there being a lot of controversy surrounding the host nation and their policies, the World Cup went off without a hitch. On the 13th of July, the world came together to watch semi finalists Germany and Argentina battle it out to be crowned the world’s best. The […]

Case STudy: WWF #LastSelfie campaign

Case Study:   WWF #LastSelfie  Snapchat is this social networking app based around the very unusual concept of “self deleting photographs”, this new way of chatting exploded into the vast online “digiverse”. The entire premise of Snapchat is that a user can send pictures to their Snapchat friends and these photos are meant to self-destruct […]

Peddling social #ArgusCycleTour

Some people were cycling it for the first time while others were cycling it for the umpteenth time. No matter how many Cape Argus Cycle Tour’s you’ve supported or cycled in we know it is an event enjoyed by many near and far! The #CycleTourSelfie hashtag was a great addition to the Cape Argus Cycle […]